What to do if I miss a pill of PrEP?

If you miss one, or even two pills occasionally, this will be fine. Don’t stop PrEP, just carry on once you remember.

It is estimated that you need to have an adherence rate of 95 percent or higher to prevent HIV becoming resistant to the medication over time. There is nothing worse than taking medications sporadically and allowing the virus to be exposed to low levels of the drugs in the body, which will lead to resistance to the medications. 

Drug levels will still be high enough to protect against HIV.  If you are missing several doses each week, please talk to the clinic about support. If you use daily dosing and miss more than a week of pills, then restart with a double dose (two pills) and then continue with one pill a day.

It’s important to take your pill every day, but every now and then it’s perfectly human to forget. If you routinely take your pill at night, for example, and remember when you wake up in the morning, it is fine to take your missed dose with breakfast. If you don’t remember until the next evening, it’s not necessary to take a double dose. The opposite scenario also works: If you usually take your pill in the morning but forget to do so, just take it when you remember that same day. If you don’t remember until the next morning, just pick up where you left off, and do your best to remember next time.

It is not uncommon, and it’s OK. Try not to worry.

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